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WFH Tip: Make Space for the “Home You”

Before you started working from home, you likely had an after-work routine. Maybe you went to the gym, stopped by the grocery store, or picked up dinner. Some people find that when they work from home, there’s no defined “end of the day.” This can lead to working longer hours without realizing it, and your work-life balance will begin to suffer.

Just like you are creating a new work routine because you are working from home, you should develop a new after-work routine. It’s a good idea to develop a WFH after-work routine that starts with something you look forward to, as this will motivate you to switch from work to home. Perhaps an episode of your favorite show or a phone call with a friend.

If you’re really struggling to switch from work to home, having an activity scheduled everyday at the same time (5:30pm? 6pm?) can help you transition to the “home you.” Including a friend or family member in this end of day activity (for example, a workout class, a social activity on video conferencing, etc.) can provide you with the moral support may need to shut down work and transition to home time.

Make space for the “home you.” You’re worth it!

Take Care - no but really,


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