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WFH Tip: You Deserve Patience

So far, I’ve written several of these WFH Tips, and I realize it’s kind of a lot at once. I’ve been working from home for 12 years, so it’s taken a long time for me to learn some of these lessons and get here. In some ways, becoming good at working from home is a journey of self-awareness and self-discovery. You have to know yourself well enough to know what will work well for you, and that may take some experimentation.

Developing a new habit or skill takes time and effort. I recently took a webinar about Tiny Habits, and it really underscored how developing new a habit happens in baby steps. It’s important to simply put in the effort everyday and let things shift over time.

Like people always say - it’s about the journey, not the destination. So be patient with yourself if you’re still struggling to find what will work for you. It’s not about perfection - you’re never going to get it right all the time. It’s important to accept that things will go wrong sometimes.

Buck up little trooper! You got this.

Cheering you on from afar,


P.S. - I have no affiliation or relationship with Tiny Habits. I just thought it might be a useful concept in this context.

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