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WFH Tip: Comfort in your Work Zone

Now that you have created your work zone, you will benefit from making it more comfortable. Over the years, I’ve made many changes and upgrades to my work zone, including ergonomic accessories, lighting, and furniture. These additions have made my work zone more comfortable and inviting.

While you may not work from home forever, it may be required for some time, and making your work zone comfortable will make working from home that much better. It’s worth it to make a few changes to improve your work zone.

Think about your desk at work in the office. Think about both ergonomics and physical comfort. What makes it comfortable? What makes it work for you? You may need to recreate some of those comforts in your home work zone to improve the experience of working from home.

A few inexpensive adjustments like placing a box under your typing surface or adjusting the lighting in your work zone can make a world of difference. Small purchases like an ergonomic mouse, lumbar pillow, or lap desk may be just the thing you need to settle into your work-from-home journey.

Invest in your work zone and reap the benefit!

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