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WFH Tip: Your New "Co-Workers"

My cat was thrilled when I first started working from home. As far as she was concerned, it was like it was a weekend everyday! While I loved being able to spend more time with her during the day, I realized very quickly that it’s difficult to get anything done with a cat sitting in front of your computer screen.

Although my cat still likes to interrupt my work day, I’ve been able to make it work by including her in my work zone. (Remember we talked about work zones in a previous post.) I realized that she wanted to spend time with me, but I didn’t make any room for her to be there. I was able to remedy this by adding a window perch and a small cat bed next to my desk. Now when I’m working, she can be next to me without disrupting me (as much).

Your pets aren’t used to you being home so much, so you may need to help them transition as well. Creating a space for them to be near you in your work zone will benefit you both.

Cuddling my cat,


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